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Kodachrome Basin State Park – A Day Trip

We did a day trip from Bryce over to Kodachrome Basin for a hike. This park, while close to Bryce, contains totally different types of geological formations.  Sixty-seven sand pipes anywhere from 2 to 52 meters tall are found throughout the park. 

The source of the sand pipes is thought to be similar to Yellowstone National Park with hot springs and geysers, which eventually filled up with sediment and solidified. Through time, the Entrada sandstone surrounding the solidified geysers eroded, leaving large sand pipes. 

The name of the park is from Kodak film used in 1948 to take pictures of the area for a story which eventually appeared in  the September 1949 issue of National Geographic.

We hiked the Panorama Trail (5 miles) to enjoy the interesting landscape.  This hike included many of the sand pipes as well as a hidden canyon. It was a very hot afternoon and we were happy to reach the end of the trail of get some time in an air conditioned car! 

Well worth the quick day trip over from Bryce. 

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