2016 The Year Of Yes

American Girl Mine Road, CA – While I struggled with the desire to have goals, Dave has fully embraced having no goals at all.  So we comprised on a new one – just say yes.  Try and do more things, make time for fun and enjoy it all along the way.  After all it is the journey and January has been a great start to the year.

The social activities this year have been crazy busy and lots of fun.  We are finding ourselves in need of quiet time.  Borrego Springs was a great year end celebration that ended up as a very large group.  You can read more about it and see pictures on several blogs including Watsons Wander or Aluminarium.  We DO NOT lack for any social activity while traveling.


Our Little Community In the Desert of 30+ Recreational Vehicles


Wind Caves With The Off Road Crew – Iain, Kate, Jessie, Tim, Amanda, (not pictured Brandon and Kerensa)


Metal Sculptures of Borrego Springs by Ricardo Breceda. We saw just a few of the 130 outdoor sculptures that dot the area.

JanUpdate-07 JanUpdate-06 JanUpdate-05



Meanwhile back at camp the bon fire burned brightly in the night sky






From there we hibernated in Palm Springs and enjoyed some hiking and got caught up on infrastructure such as shopping, laundry and a little work (yes someone has to get the books ready for the tax man).   The weather had turned and we waited out the grey and rain with a few movies.  Giving thanks for our comfy warm dry home on the road.

Coachella Valley Palm Oasis

Coachella Valley Palm Oasis

Then off to meet up with a much smaller group in Winterhaven, California on American Girl Mine Road.  Several nights of hosting happy hours and a chance to meet a few new people on the road.  Always a fun time!  We are out in the desert again and the sunsets and mountain scenery are beautiful.  We are just outside of Yuma (Yearly Unrestricted Migration of the Aged).  But you wouldn’t know it from this group.  Dave and I might actually be the old timers out here…. but we admit to nothing!


Just one of the beautiful desert sunsets we enjoyed

We are starting to find our groove and realizing we love to see people and love to have time to recharge.  So we will continue the back and forth with the social times and quiet times.  Many of the folks we have met are around Arizona and other areas that we are thinking of – so future meet ups are in the plans.  Perhaps even a trip to Cuba, yes really!

2016 is the year of YES – yes we can, yes we want to, yes we will.  With very little restrictions we are so excited to be able to say yes to invitations.  To reroute and meet up with friends in town for a son’s baseball tournament.  Go to Thailand, to Cuba or out on a razor ride.  Yes this is the year that we no longer say, ‘Oh that sounds fun, but we have to work.’

Want to meet up or have something fun in mind?  Let us know, we might swing the schedule around to make it happen.

Here is to the year of making it happen – Yes!

Next stop Lost Dutchman State Park, Apache Junction Arizona.

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