2015 Map, Upcoming Plans and Photos

Winterhaven, CA (Yuma) — As 2015 closed we found ourselves on the road to Borrego Springs to meet up with what I called the ‘Pop Up Community’ of nomads. Shannon and I had a blast meeting all the folks and socializing every day. That intense socialzing is kind of out of my introverted zone so we subsequently took some time to recoup and manage ‘infrastructure’ in Palm Desert until arriving here for some boondocking in Winterhaven (Yuma).

Shannon is usually our appointed Social Chair but I wanted to jump in today and share a new Nomad Map screenshot that summarizes our 2015 travels. We were in the RV through May. We then base camped in Bend then hit San Juan Islands twice, and two weeks on board Shannon’s dad’s boat in Alaska and several closer-to-home trips before jumping back in the RV again in early November. See Shannon’s post Are We Full Timers?

2015TravelsI also wanted to promote a new few new blog structure additions:

Keep on wandering….. Dave (Yes me this time. Shannon repeatedly tells me she is on a computer-break; good for her)


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